Special Reports

At Harvest Public Media, we get out in the field to bring you real stories on important issues that affect real people’s lives. Our reporting is in-depth and brings context and nuance to significant subjects.

Explore our special in-depth series by clicking on one of the links below.

Pesticides: How weedkillers are regulated — or not

NBAF: Detailing the U.S.' latest front against animal diseases

Tariff war: The ongoing rift between the U.S. and its trade partners

2018 Farm Bill: Months of debate, millions of dollars

SNAP: A look at the main federal food-aid program

United And DividedBridging the urban-rural divide

Watching Our WaterThe challenge of keeping it clean

Dangerous Jobs, Cheap MeatDeath and injuries on ‘The Chain’

Tracking A Farm VirusMystery and a threat

Feasting On FuelEnergy in, energy out

Choice Cuts: Meat In AmericaMeat: it’s what’s for dinner

Tossed OutFood waste in America

Growing InfluenceLobbying the Farm Bill