Special Reports

At Harvest Public Media, we get out in the field to bring you real stories on important issues that affect real people’s lives. Our reporting is in-depth and brings context and nuance to significant subjects.

Explore our special in-depth series by clicking on one of the links below.

SNAP: A look at the main federal food-aid program

United And DividedBridging the urban-rural divide

Watching Our WaterThe challenge of keeping it clean

Dangerous Jobs, Cheap MeatDeath and injuries on ‘The Chain’

Tracking A Farm VirusMystery and a threat

Feasting On FuelEnergy in, energy out

Choice Cuts: Meat In AmericaMeat: it’s what’s for dinner

My Farm Roots 2015What it’s like to grow up today in Farm Country

Tossed OutFood waste in America

Growing InfluenceLobbying the Farm Bill

My Farm Roots 2014Deep roots in Farm Country