Watch: What Does It Take To Replant The Prairie?

Jan 25, 2016

The prairie grasslands of the U.S. are victims of the intense agricultural development that occurred after the Civil War. Today, experts say that nearly 99 percent of the original prairie has been plowed under.

Birds, insects and other wildlife that need a prairie ecosystem to survive have less room to roam.

Now, several environmental groups are working in the Midwest to turn back the dial of history.

The Prairie Plains Resource Institute, a Nebraska nonprofit that educates people about the prairie, is laboring to save local grassland seed and restore Great Plains prairie. Volunteers at the Homestead Monument of America in Beatrice, Neb., gather seed for their own plot of prairie and the Prairie Plains Resource Institute mixes hundreds of species for restoration projects.

Through volunteer projects and education, can prairie grasslands make a comeback to our landscape? And what does it take to turn a corn or soy field back to a diverse mix of local plants and grasses? Watch the video to learn more.